Access Social Care
conversational ai

Access Social Care, directly servicing Mencap

Providing information about social care law to anyone who needs it, when they need it

As a result of cuts to social care funding, many people with social care needs (e.g. the elderly, people with disabilities and others) have been unable to access the social care they have a legal right to, and struggle to find appropriate support.


– Springbok AI built a chatbot that provides legal help to people in the UK with social care needs, available 24/7

– The bot directs users to appropriate resources based on the specifics of their circumstances, and gives them the tools to challenge unlawful actions preventing them from accessing care

– We undertook significant testing with end users to ensure this method of service delivery was appropriate for their needs


– Mencap (working with ASC) is able to broaden significantly the number of people it is able to support through the 24/7 availability of the chatbot and the ability to automate triaging requests

– This facilitated access to further tranches of funding for future expanded interactions of the project

– Longer term, we’re working to enable other legal care charities to use the components of the chatbot to achieve their own mission.